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The classical style of a luxury wedding

Each couple has it own history, own style, own expectation of a coming event. This story about Lena and her husband Alexey. Their wedding was in a classical restaurant of europenean level, where the main decoration were luxury flowers on high candelabrums. We paid attantion to each guest by decoration his/her napkin by a orchid flower. Maximum table surface was decorated by flowers. All dishes and drinks were served for guests personally. Finally we have become closer to that the ideal of a European event where all participants did the their work in unison, so as a result we had a classy reception devoted to a new family birthday.

We thank Maria Mikhailova for the monts of arrangments
The concept creation and implementation by “Tsvetochny Stil
The wedding photos by Alexey Vinokurov
Photographer of our decoration is Valentina Osintseva
banquet place is La Maison restaurant.

A few hours earlier...The ceremony outside, in a snow-white arbor.

  • Артем Петров

    24 October '13, 11:11

    Ирина, спасибо:)


    24 October '13, 00:22

    Просто восхитительно!