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Outside wedding ceremony

This season we will tell you a lot stories about the weddings that we were lucky to touch and to participate as decorators and designers. This story about small and lovely wedding for 20 guests that was hold in private mansion on 22th June, 2013. To say that it was ideal wedding that we aimed to is to say nothing. There were luxury «eco» arch againts the background of Alpine rock work, close people, and the happiest in the world Alena and Ichsan who were looking forward this day being often very far from each other. Festive banquet was arranged in the closest forest. Tables, sweet Candy bar, relaxed zone with rocking chairs and hookahs were served under a snow-white tent, that saved from the scalding sun. We got a great pleasure from the result but most important thing that we got the bride’s thanks

We thank Ksenia Mogilenko (AventuraPro) for the months of arrangements, that were perfect and all our team:
The concept creation and implementation by «Tsvetochny Stil»
Stylist: Svetlana Varganova
Photographer: Alexey Vinokurov
Videographer: Nikita Sursin
Master of the ceremony: Denis Bolotenko
Sweets for Candy Bar by Evgenia Burova
Catering and the wedding cake by La Maison restaurant