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Closer to nature. Eco-wedding

Each our new project is unique opportunity to meet new people, to share new points of view, to look at our profession from the other side. Decoration of Tanya and Victor’s wedding was an interesting experience for us. Just imagine: it was outdoor wedding ceremony against «altar» appeared as swing, boxes with pottered plants, ladder and other wooden items. Our bride Tatyana was like a forest nymph. The celebration was in a grove of pine. It was really amazing.
By the stylist’s idea it was forest Eco-wedding ceremony. It was shown in many things: the format of the ceremony, colors of bride and groom’s attire, wedding bouquet, accessories, even in dishes serving. Everything is natural, wooden, forest!
«The format of the event itself wasn’t just a feast. Guests gathered for the outdoor wedding ceremony, had a snack at a buffet, prepared a creative surprise for the couple (meanwhile Tanya and Vitya had at photo shoot), then a quest and a tree planting were. The dinner was in BBQ format, there was a separate table with salad-bar and meat BBQ. Due to such arrangements the event was easy and funny!» — says the organiser of the wedding Maria Linovskaya.
It’s is impossible to skip a symbol of 2014 year, gorgeous horse with a wreath of flowers. That time we didn’t know that next year would be a year of horse, but today this fact makes us smile:) Enjoy the photos.

Floral design by Tsvetochny stil
Arrangments by Maria Linoskaya and Maria Triers
Stylist is Evgenia Razinkina
Photos by Yulia Volk

  • Екатерина

    15 March '14, 12:00

    Такая легкая, естественная свадьба! Очень нравится