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Spring wedding in the restaurant La Maison

Last Sunday we were lucky to make our old dream come true — to create fully-fledged wedding spring-inspired decoration, to create spring atmosphere with decoration that reflecting the mood of nature in that period, to use seasonal flowers and plants, colours ant textures. Withing «European weddings», the event that was hold in banquet hall of La Maison restaurant we demonstrated European table serving where the main decorations of a table were flowers and dishes were served by turns. Spring wreath from branches of birch and forsythia, filled with bulbs of hyacinth, tulips and muscari was a symbol of nature awaking from hibernation. Linen table «skirt» and topper of juicy greens colour in a tandem with woven mats for plates made our decoration complete. We added bride’s bouquet from ranunculuses and other spring flowers and pillow from moss for rings to this perfect picture. A bit later we will show you our couple for that we created this style and chose all elements of decoration.

The concept creation and implementation by «Tsvetochny Stil»
Serving dishes and light vegetable snacks — Restaurant La Maison
Organization of the event — the studio high feelings «Happiness»